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Mommy & Me - Ava & Jessica Guys, it was late in the evening, right around this sweet girls bedtime! And I was getting pretty nervous about making sure there was good light, and making sure she smiled (which we didn't get a TON of) BUT it doesn't make me love the photos any less, it makes me love them MORE! How beautiful are these soft, sweet photos? This is the interaction between a mommy and her baby, and I'm in love. (and yes, Daddy made an appearance!)

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Eli is 6! Just take a few moments to check out how studly this little man is! He is far more fashionable than I'll ever be. haha We love you "Boo-bear!"

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Clarisa & Adam Take Two! "It's like raaaaaiiiiinnnn on your wedding day!" - This song played in my head all morning! But luckily the rain stopped just in time for the ceremony to begin! Everything went smoothly until I got a flat tire on the way to the reception, which the bride and groom happened to see right when it happened! They pulled over and helped me change my tire (with the help of a super nice young man who also stopped to help!). It was definitely a memory I'll never forget! Here's a few highlights from the day!

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The Halaskas <3 Fall Edition

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Everett's 6 Months <3

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Welcome to the World Cora! <3

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Dennis <3 I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this sweet little family! I hope I get to continue capturing their super special life moments!

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Welcome to the World Everett! This beautiful Rainbow baby has been loved for so long now! Everett's big sister, Everleigh, has been watching over this whole beautiful journey from Heaven! I love this little family so much, and can proudly call them my best friends! <3 Happy Birthday Everett Kade SaldaƱa! February 18th, 2015 at 1:02pm weighing in at 8lbs 9oz and 21 inches long! :) Big, healthy, beautiful boy!

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Sister love :: A Day at the Carnival! It's not every day that I get an opportunity like this! What a super fun shoot this was for me to take. The lighting and large crowd presented it's challenges, but the real moments captured were worth it all! :) I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!



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Wren & Kal :: Everett's Maternity Shoot This wintery shoot gives me all kinds of warm fuzzies! Not only because I adore this sweet couple, but because this session is such a special one. Rainbow baby Everett will be SO loved by sooo many people. Everleigh is making sure that he is prepped and ready to go up in heaven right now! Teaching him that little growl, I'm sure! :)

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Kaitlyn :: Senior Portraits This is one of those "I can't even!" shoots! I adore it. Such a beautiful girl, a gorgeous natural setting and heavenly light. What more could I ask for??
The stars have aligned here, folks. Have a look!

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O'Dell Family/Maternity And then there were 4! I couldn't be happier for this family! Soon they'll be welcoming another little girl into the family! Abbie couldn't be more excited to be a big sister, and I think it really shows in the photos! ;) She is the sweetest thing and has such a radiance about her! Mom and Dad aren't so bad themselves ;)



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Chappell Family First of all, I think we can all agree that this family knocked their outfit choices out of the park!! What a flawless mix of colors and patterns! I've always had so much fun working with them. Watching their family grow has been such a blessing! Can't wait for many shoots to come hopefully! ;)

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Sweet Little Brother Bears <3 I seriously can't get over this newborn session. It turned out better than I even thought it would. So full of sweet moments and super precious memories. I can only hope that the family cherishes these forever!

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The Flores Wedding This was the most incredibly beautiful and quick ceremony I've ever witnessed, so full of love and pure joy! I think the pictures speak for themselves!

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Hoelscher Family fun <3 Good heavens, talk about a beautiful family! This was so much fun. I won't lie, I had to chase those munchkins around like crazy, and I was so afraid I wouldn't catch any awesome shots of them because they were moving so fast! But I should have known, with kids that beautiful - you can't go wrong! Love these photos <3

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Red headed 2 year old <3 Liam is one of the most animated characters I've ever worked with! His facial expressions and personality crack me UP! I was laughing this whole shoot. So much fun!! Love him and his special parents so much!!

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Sara's Seniors! LOVE this super fun shoot! Her props were meaningful and sentimental - doesn't get better than that! Such a beautiful girl with a radiant spirit!

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Piper's Newborn Session LONG over-due, isn't it? She's most likely not so tiny anymore! But I had to share the beautiful (and hilarious outtake) moments that were captured on Piper's newborn photo shoot day! :D She is too cute for words.

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