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Cost Explanation Of Portrait Photography

Many people (including myself before I became a photographer) ask about the prices associated with prints, portraits, collages, etc. So here is my best attempt at a detailed explanation...

A typical session involves driving to meet you at your location, getting set-up, and then 1-2 hours of shooting time. After the photo shoot, I transfer the digital files onto my Macintosh computer system. A folder is dedicated just for photography images. After the transfer of the pictures, I run each photo through a color correction process in a program called Adobe Lightroom. Next I open the photographs in Adobe Photoshop CS3 where I can resize the images and retouch blemishes, use color enhancements, adjust contrast and brightness levels, convert to black & white images, etc. to make them more aesthetically-pleasing. Upon request I will put a few collages together for you that contain the best shots. These collages are custom-designed with graphics, special backgrounds, borders, and edge burn-ins. Finally, after the initial post-production process, I upload the finished images into a private online gallery. The client is then provided the link to the gallery and a passcode to allow for custom viewing of their photos. Also, when the client places an order, I then complete some additional post-production work to ensure the quality of the finished product (applies to individual prints, storyboards, brag panels, etc). In particular, since each image is contained in such a large file, I must resize each photo prior to placing the order with the print/portrait company to avoid automatic cropping of arms, heads, feet, etc.

So, the total time involved from start to finish is typically anywhere from 6-10 hours, depending on your session. The prices of prints, canvas wraps, coffee table books, collages, etc. are directly related to the time spent in designing and processing the images. I also maintain high standards for every image I produce which ensures that the client has the option of viewing and choosing only from the best photos from each shoot.

The other cost factor that goes into this is the equipment. Professional photography equipment is pretty expensive! I shoot with a Canon digital SLR camera with 4 different lenses; a 50mm 1.5 lens, a 75-300mm lens, a 35 – 80mm lens, and a wide range attachment lens with macro attachment as well. For each shoot large memory cards are required, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, and props (like blankets, baskets & hats). As mentioned briefly above, I also do all of my editing on a Mac computer and dedicate 1 Terabyte of storage space to my photography images. As you can probably imagine, the purchase price of these equipment items and accessories adds up to thousands of dollars, which is the last factor in the cost equation.

I hope this explanation helps!

Types of Photography I will do include (but not limited to):
-Labor and Delivery (makes a beautiful movie compilation which I offer)
-Family portraits
-Senior portraits
-Graduation Photos
-Boudoir shoots
-Head shots
-Engagement portraits
-Birthday Parties
-Special Events
-Special Requests